Student Results

An average Ecom Edge Accelerator student generates ₹11k/day in profit within the first 60 days.

Results Ecom Edge Students have generated:

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Aryan Garg crosses ₹67 Lakh in revenue for his E-commerce Drop-Shipping business by utilising our Weekly Q&A calls and Weekly Feedback Loop Calls.
Ramesh did ₹21.3 Lakhs (₹4.5L Profits) of revenue in just his first month by using our “The Zuck Method” to run Meta Ads.
Bhishma Nand crosses ₹10 Lakh in the first 10 days in revenue for his E-commerce Drop-Shipping business. He achieved this by using “The Spy Method” for product selection.
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Vimal Sabnani crosses ₹25 Lakhs in 2 months in revenue for his E-commerce Drop-Shipping business by actively using our “The Edge Rolodex” and Special Access EE Killers WhatsApp Group for services of his E-commerce business.
Vishal Singh crosses ₹1 crore (₹20L in Profits) sales in the first 5 months by using our Meta Ads Formula to scale his business.
Dhan Boro crosses ₹5.5L in profit by implementing the KPIs and following the Weekly QnAs.
Gajendra crosses ₹2.73 Lakhs (₹45K/day in Profits) of revenue in a day by using The Edge Rolodex and Product Arsenal Sheet.
Gaurav Kumar does ₹38L in sales in a month by using the Product Arsenal Sheet and Meta KPIs.
Ravi crosses ₹13k per day in profits, making a whopping ₹6L in 45 days by optimising his RTO using “The RTO Reduction Edge.”
Amaan crosses ₹2.2L in monthly profits by using the KPI provided for Ads, knowing when to scale and close the ad set.
Mubarak does ₹12.5L of revenue in a month by using our Weekly Q&A with our coaches.
 Animesh did ₹8.5L of sales in his first month by clearing his doubts, myths, and biases in the Weekly Q&A Call.
Prabin crossed ₹10L sales in just 14 days using “The Zuck Method” for scaling.
Amit did ₹4.2L in sales in the last 90 days by using “The Mindset Mastery” to stay focused on implementing strategies in the business.
Sahil crosses ₹1L of sales in just 9 days by actively implementing the KPIs without emotions to get the most sales out of his business.

Students who have done upto 15 Lakhs in sales:

Abhinav did 3.71L in 30 days
Archit Kaman spent 8700 to generate ₹1.2L in sales
Aditya crosses 3L of sales in his first month
Harsha did 2.1L of sales in just 2 weeks
Pankaj crosses 5.7L sales in just 25 days
Yogesh did 1 L in sales in 10 days
Birendra did 18.5k sales in a day
Manas did 35k sales in just 2 days
Joe Kurian crosses 60k sales in a day
Ashutosh crosses 84k of sales in a day
Aniket crosses 87K in sales per day
Aashu hits 84.5K per day
Nick P made a profit of ₹3.5L in 3 weeks
Aamir crosses 45k/day in revenue
Dhawan crosses ₹2.4L/day in rev
Manish Gakare crosses ₹41k/day in revenue
Abhishek spends 2120 to generate a sale of 72k
Karmendra crosses 1.1L of sales in just 1 week
Gaurav generated 28733.55 as revenue with just 669 as ad revenue
Dr . Aakanksha crossed 1.21L sales in just 30 days
Anupam did 1.1L of sales in just 18 days
Ishan Marwah did 95K in just 3.5 days
Ayushi Crosses 50K per day in sales mark
Liyansh Sinha's first ₹20k/day hits different
Saqib did 83K in sales in just 3 days
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