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Facebook Ads – The Zuck Method:
Testing, Optimisation, Scaling, Retargeting. You name it. The Zuck Method of advertising is the only FB Ads Guide you need.

₹0 – ₹60 lakh product reveal:
We’re revealing the EXACT product we scaled to ₹60lakhs in 30 days. Showing you exactly what we did, behind the scenes from DAY 1 to DAY 30

Powerful Course:
Get access to a power-packed, simple, practical and actionable course

Like Minded Community:
Get access to a private student-only community to network with like-minded individuals. Our students are already making ₹3lakhs/month in profit within 8 weeks of going live!

We walk the talk:
Over ₹90 Crores in combined revenue for past students. We walk the talk. Check the student results below.


Ecom Edge Students Scaling Their Businesses from 0 to ₹5 lakhs a DAY in Sales!


What you get

Under the Ecom Edge Velocity Course you’ll get access to:

Video course (lifetime access)

The EEV Training course will be a step-by-step, to-the-point, structured and action-oriented video course that’ll teach you everything you need to start and grow a profitable Indian eCommerce business using the drop-shipping model.

Access To Private Community (for 3 months)

This is what makes the program fire. You’ll have access to the private Ecom Edge Velocity community for 3 months.

and wait, not just that

As a part of the founding batch of the Ecom Edge Velocity Course, we want to reward you with 3 explosive bonuses:

bonus 1

The Edge Club

Instead of 3 months access to our private community, you’ll get access to it for a lifetime. That’s lifetime of networking and friendships through the community.

bonus 2

The Edge Essentials

You’ll get access to our recommended suppliers, tools and resources. These are the exact suppliers, tools and resources we use for our Indian eCom businesses.

bonus 3

The Edge Rolodex

You’ll get access to our recommended list of profit-boosting products, resources, a rolodex of connects, FB Agency accounts, financial guidance – you name it!

the curriculum

Wondering what’ll you’ll learn in the program?

Here you go:
Module 1: Introduction

We’ll introduce you to the world of Indian Drop-Shipping. And will help you get your mindset right.

  • Mindset
  • The EE Way
  • The Journey
  • Tapping into your fears
  • Time to commit
Module 2: Store Creation

We’ll teach you how to build a store optimised to sell.

  • Getting Started
  • Shopify Setup
  • Theme Setup
Module 3: Product Research

We’ll teach you to master the art of finding products that’ll sell like hot samosas.

Module 4: Fulfilment

We’ll plug you in with our recommended suppliers for a seamless fulfilment experience for you and your customers.

  • Introduction
  • DropShipping Platforms
  • Private Supplier
  • IndiaMart
  • Self Ship
  • Edge Hacks
Module 5: Meta Ads (The Zuck Method)

Here’s where things get hot. We’ll teach you how to run epic ads for your eCommerce business.

  • The Zuck Method
  • FB Ads Setup
  • Creating Campaigns
  • Warming Up
  • Live Demo
  • Media Buying Process
  • Creative Creation
  • Video Editing SOP1
  • Video Editing SOP2
  • 60 LAKHS Product Reveal!
  • Basic & Advanced Scaling Methods
Module 6: Meta(FB/IG) Ads Scaling

Here’s where things get hotter. We’ll teach you how to scale ads for your eCommerce business.

Module 6: Operations

We’ll teach you to run smooth operations for your eCommerce business. Imaging handling returns, confirming orders, minimising failed deliveries and providing electrifying customer service.

  • King of theory
  • Handling Returns
  • Confirming Orders
  • Minimising Failed Deliveries
  • Reducing RTOS
  • Customer Service
Behind the scenes

₹60 lakhs product REVEAL!

The Product, Ads, Website… everything. See exactly what we did from Day 1 to Day 30.

Product Reveal

We’ll show the product that made us ₹60 lakhs. We’ve never done a reveal like this before. Ready to get an idea of what a ‘winning’ product looks like?

Website Reveal

High-converting websites make or break your eCom business. Let us show you the tips and tricks we used to create this specific website.

Mindset + Strategies

Step inside our minds to notice and analyse how we go about scaling a product that made us ₹60 lakhs. Strategy without mindset means nothing. Don’t forget to take notes

Ads Reveal

The juicy part – we will break down the EXACT targeting options, creatives, videos, testing and scaling strategies we used. We’re holding nothing back on this one.

Ad Account Behind The Scenes

Screen sharing and showing you the insides of how a 6 figure ad account looks like.

How it has helped others like you

₹90 Crores in Past Student Sales

Our program is designed for winners

Nevaan Kiran crosses ₹2.5 Crores (₹50L profit) in revenue for his E-commerce Drop-Shipping business
Aryan Garg crosses ₹67 Lakh in revenue for his E-commerce Drop-Shipping business by utilising our Weekly Q&A calls and Weekly Feedback Loop Calls.
Ramesh did ₹21.3 Lakhs (₹4.5L Profits) of revenue in just his first month by using our “The Zuck Method” to run Meta Ads.
Who is this for?

Ecom Edge Velocity is for you if you’re looking for the following:

The Trifecta Of Freedom

If you’re someone who’s looking to get freedom in terms of your finances, location and time. Making the money you want, from wherever you want while working during the time you want.

Career upgrade

If you’re looking to replace or supplement your current profession. Sick of your 9-5? Want a side hustle? Someone who wants to work from the comfort of their home? This is for you.

More Income

If you’re looking to make more money for yourself and your family.


If you’re looking to build an Indian eCommerce business of your own.

We walk the talk

₹80 Crores combined revenue from OUR businesses.

We’ve been able to achieve decent success with our international drop-shipping businesses:

Our international dropshipping business hit $41k last black friday – cyber monday
One of our international dropshipping stores has done over $2.2M in sales
One of our dropshipping stores that’s done $1.9M in revenue

And we’ve also been able to build a highly successful lean Indian drop-shipping business for ourselves that’s generated the following results for us:

One of our recent days where we did ₹2.87L/day in revenue for our Indian dropshipping stores
One of our india dropshipping stores crosses 4.6cr in revenue
One of our best days where our Indian dropshipping business did ₹2.4m a day in revenue
life After Ecom Edge Velocity

After completing Ecom Edge Velocity –
how would life look like?

Make ₹1 – ₹3 lakhs/month in PROFIT

This is an entry point to financial freedom. You are your own boss. It feels different.

Work When You Want

Choose your timings. Work 2 hours a day or 8 – it’s really your choice. Make money while you sleep – that’s the power of a profitable eCommerce business..

Be Your Own Master:

Have you ever felt the drive of owning and building something that you can call your own? The drive to build your own business is unparalleled

Work From Anywhere You Want

Work from home, a beach or the hills maybe? You decide.

Master the Art of Selling

Learn how to sell to your customers. Sell to your supplier to convince him of cheaper product rates. Sell your vision to the team you hire. Successful entrepreneurs sell something all day, every day.

what we’re building

From the desks of Ishan Suri and Nishkarsh Sharma

Nishkarsh Sharma

An eCommerce entrepreneur and educationist practicing eCommerce full time since 2017. Nishkarsh’s journey started with drop-shipping t-shirts from China to the US. Followed by starting an international clothing brand (Kalmin Ross) from India that’s done over ₹10Crores in revenue. Nishkarsh’s drop-shipping businesses have done over ₹40 Crores+ in sales.

Ishan Suri

An eCommerce entrepreneur and educationist practicing eCommerce full time since 2021. Ishan’s journey started with drop-shipping products from China to around the world while grossing over ₹35 Crores in eCommerce revenue – while also successfully exiting multiple eCom ventures in the process. Followed by starting in the Indian D2C space and scaling to ₹28L/day in revenue.

And we’re teaching you how we were able to make this happen through our course:


A step by step course to help you start and grow a lean Indian drop-shipping business to ₹30L/month in sales.


What do we mean by a LEAN Indian eCommerce business using drop-shipping?

It is a business:

A business you can start with a low investment of around ₹1Lakh.
A business you can start all by yourself. Just you. And eventually scale with a team when needed.
A business where all the manufacturing, sourcing and delivery is taken care by trusted drop-shipping suppliers.
The difference

What makes Ecom Edge Velocity Different?

Student Results

We’re the ONLY eCommerce entrepreneurs and coaches in the country with over ₹90 Crores in student results.

Teaching eCommerce since 2019

We’re the ONLY eCommerce entrepreneurs in the country that have been actively teaching and mentoring since 2019 (5 years)

₹80 Crores+ in Sales from OUR businesses

We’re the ONLY eCommerce coaches in the country with over ₹80 Crores in combined revenue generated for our own personal eCommerce businesses.

Trained by the best in the world

We’re the ONLY eCommerce entrepreneurs and coaches in the country who’ve been closely trained and mentored by the best eCommerce coaches in the world like Alex Fedotov, Steve Tan, Evan Tan, Justin Woll and Justin Cener.

We have Nothing To Hide

We’ve been publicly building our international clothing brand since 2021(Kalmin Ross). It’s done more than 11Cr in revenue in India and abroad and proudly flaunts happy customers and insane repeat customer rates! (ask your favourite ‘guru’ if they’ve got something to show you 😉 )

We’ve created the Ecom Edge Velocity course to help you get freedom

Freedom in terms of location (working from wherever you want), time (whenever you want) and of course, money (making what you want).

Bhishma Nand crosses ₹10 Lakh in the first 10 days in revenue for his E-commerce Drop-Shipping business. He achieved this by using “The Spy Method” for product selection.
Vimal Sabnani crosses ₹25 Lakhs in 2 months in revenue for his E-commerce Drop-Shipping business by actively using our “The Edge Rolodex” and Special Access EE Killers WhatsApp Group for services of his E-commerce business.
Vishal Singh crosses ₹1 crore (₹20L in Profits) sales in the first 5 months by using our Meta Ads Formula to scale his business.

Questions Answered

3 Questions You Might Have

Every aspiring eCommerce entrepreneur has these 3 questions. Let us answer them for you:


We recommend you start with a total capital of at least ₹75k(including the program fee). You’ll spend most of this money on marketing your business through Meta (FB/IG) Ads.


We recommend you work on your eCommerce business for 1-2 hours/day (seeing the course + implementing what we teach inside)


If you follow the course step by step, take action consistently and don’t leave your business in the middle, you can start making up to ₹5-10L/mon in profit. We have existing students who’ve been able to achieve this.

the concerns

Your questions answered

What happens after I pay?

You will receive an invite from our program hosting platform called Skool. Follow the email, create your Skool account and you’ll have access to the course and community.

If you face any hiccups in getting access to the course after paying, just email us on [email protected]. We’ll sort it out for you in 24 hours.

What exactly do I get after I pay?

You will get lifetime access to the EE Velocity Course.

You will get 3-months of access to the EEV community. A

s a bonus for the founding batch, you’re also going to get lifetime access to the EEV community.

Will you teach Print on Demand (POD) in the program?

No. The program’s about building Traditional Drop-Shipping businesses. If you want to build a POD business, we’ve got a different program for that. Email Nishkarsh at [email protected] to get the details.

What startup capital do we recommend for your lean eCommerce business?

We recommend a startup capital of ₹50k (including the course price)

How will I get support?

It’s impossible for us to give 101 support to 1000s of members. Ecom Edge Velocity is a self-paced and self-learning video course that comes along with access to a private community to network, help and learn from other course members.

Does the course come with email or call support?

No, the course is designed to be self-guided and self-paced. With 1000s students in our courses, we cannot provide 1:1 support via email or calls.

The course comes along with community access for networking, helping and learning from course members.

Is this a live course?

No, you’ll get access to a pre-recorded course.

Do I get lifetime access to the course?

Yes, you get lifetime access to the course and all the future updates to it.

How is Ecom Edge Accelerator different from Ecom Edge Velocity?

Ecom Edge Velocity is a video course that teaches you how to build lean Indian eCommerce businesses using dropshipping.
It comes along with a community to network, help and learn from other students.

Ecom Edge Accelerator is an advanced group mentorship program which teaches you how to start, grow and scale your lean Indian Drop-Shipping business.
It comes along with:
– 3 months of weekly group Q&A calls with Ishan and Nishkarsh
– an additional weekly feedback call with an Ecom Edge Coach
– and lifetime access to the members-only community with support from the coaches

Will we teach international drop-shipping in the course?

We recommend and teach Indian drop-shipping in the course.
You can start with your Indian drop-shipping business and eventually scale it internationally.

Will I need more capital after spending 50k?

We’ll be honest. You might need more, you might not. You’ll be building a proper legitimate business and there are no guarantees that you’re going to become profitable with any sort of capital. What we can give you is averages. Because in the end, success with your Indian drop-shipping business will depend on your consistency, persistence, mindset, patience and hard work.

What we can definitely guarantee is if you stay persistent, take action, don’t give up, ask questions and implement what we recommend, you’ll get profitable for sure.

It’s best to have ₹50k available with you right now.

Here’s the breakdown for you:
Apps – Rs. 2k-5k
Website design: Rs. 2k
Ads: Rs. 30k-40k
Misc: Rs. 5k

In how much time will I become profitable?

This is relative – and the only variable here is your effort and dedication to following the systems we teach. If its a 100% – it could be week 1, and as the % of effort decreases – the timeframe of success increases. Consistent action will get you profitable during the program (3 months)

How much time should I have in hand to build a business?

We recommend you to start by spending 30-60 minutes a day in building your business and eventually taking the time investment to 1-2 hours/day to maintain momentum.

Do I have access to EEV for a lifetime?

You will keep lifetime access to the EEV Course. And will be given lifetime access to the members only community wherein you’ll keep in touch with other students.

What language will the course be in?

It’s in English. But the interactions in the community or the weekly QnA calls can be in Hindi too.

What if this doesn’t work and I don’t make any money?

The only reason this is not going to work is going to be if you don’t take action or give up. The business model has been tried, tested and conquered by 100s of our students in the last 4 years. We believe you can do the same.

What are the average profit margins with this business? Are they enough?

15-30% is the average profit margin in the eCommerce business altogether. Like all other scalable product based businesses. This seems low to some people, but the average margins in any scalable business are usually around these numbers. We’ve been operating at a 15-30% net margin all these years.

Can I run this business while doing my job?

Absolutely. Most of our students start building their Lean Indian Ecommerce businesses along with their full-time jobs.

What if I’m not able to pay using the payment methods mentioned?

We got you covered. Send us an email on [email protected] and we’ll share alternatives with you.

If the drop-shipping business is doing so well for you, why are you teaching it and creating competition?

2 Reasons:

#1: The market’s really big
We’ve been teaching the same model for 4 years now and it’s not affected our business a bit. The reason’s simple: the market is very big and growing.
And every student we teach ends up building something unique.
Because every student holds a unique personality, unique ideas, interests and ends up walking their own path.
It’s like being taught the same things in school but eventually getting into different professions altogether.
The fundamentals are the same for sure, but the way the market reacts and the decisions you take in terms of choosing a niche and products are going to be very unique to you.

#2: We make money doing what we love
We love teaching. We’ve been teaching for years now. And a lot of people say that they love the way we make things simple and break processes down into practical actionable steps.
And ofcourse, teaching is another business we run. We make money from it. And we absolutely love it.

Good news: Ecom Edge Velocity has been created to help you build profitable eCommerce businesses from scratch.

And we teach you all through the basics of how drop-shipping works, to showing you how to build a website, to showing you how to research for products, to finding drop-shipping suppliers, to running ads, to running operations and we make recommendations for suppliers, applications and even freelancers along the process.

Bad News: There is no bad news at all lol. We got you covered.

How many videos are included in the course and how long is it?

The Ecom Edge Velocity Course has a total of 10 videos. And the entire course is 2 hours long. You also have an option to increase the speed of videos by up to 2X.

30-Day Risk Free Guarantee

We’re so confident that this’ll work for you, that if you diligently follow every step outlined in the program and still don’t see results, we’ll return 100% of your program fee. This guarantee is valid for the first 30 days.

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