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What we’re offering

From the desks of Ishan Suri and Nishkarsh Sharma

When we first thought of starting our eCommerce businesses, we were really clueless.

We knew what to sell but the biggest bottleneck was TRAFFIC.

When we say traffic, we mean, website visitors. Website visitors who’d become our customers.
We were looking for website visitors who would buy our products. 

We wanted to get people worldwide to buy from our websites.

We tried different traffic sources like:




Facebook Groups

And even spamming our friends on WhatsApp lol.

Nothing worked.

That’s when we got introduced to the world of Meta (FB/IG) ads.

Now, what’s Meta (FB/IG) Ads?
We’ll explain that. But first…

Let us introduce ourselves to you:

Nishkarsh Sharma

An eCommerce entrepreneur and educationist who started running Meta ads in 2017. Nishkarsh’s journey started using Meta ads for his drop-shipping t-shirt business. Followed by using them for his international clothing brand (Kalmin Ross). ₹15 Crores+ Ad Spend. ₹50 Crores+ in eCommerce revenue.

Ishan Suri

An eCommerce entrepreneur running Meta Ads since 2021. Ishan’s journey started with running Meta Ads for his international drop-shipping business. Meta ads have helped him do over ₹40 Crores in eCommerce revenue with a ₹20 Crore+ Ad Spend.

When we first got to know about Meta Ads, we realised how easy it was for us to show our products to prospective customers all around the world, within a few clicks.

We could be at our homes and run ads for our products and acquire customers from any country we wanted! Be it from India or even internationally!

Since then we’ve collectively spent 35 Crores in Meta Ads and generated over 80 Crores in combined revenue for our e-commerce businesses through them.

We’ve used the power of Meta Ads to:

Run ads for our international drop-shipping businesses

Run ads for our Indian drop-shipping businesses

Run ads for our International clothing brand Kalmin Ross 

Meta ads have changed our lives.

And also the lives of our students who’ve collectively done over 90 Crores in combined revenue for their own businesses using the power of Meta Ads.

Shahin scaled his business to ₹15 crores per year using Meta Ads
Mukul Mishra started and scaled his lean eCommerce business to ₹16 Crores using Meta Ads
Jordan scaled to ₹5.5crore/month implementing our Meta Ad strategies

Meta Ads are the #1 traffic generation sources we’ve been using since day#1 of starting our eCommerce businesses!

And today, we want to share our knowledge of running powerful Meta ads with you through our DIY (Do It Yourself) Course:

Meta Edge is a ‘edgy’ course which will teach you how to:

Setup your Meta Ads Account

Launch and test Meta Ads

Scale them to the moon!

Meta Edge is a self-paced and self-learning video course that will help you master the art of running powerful Facebook and Instagram ads for your eCommerce business!

and wait, not just that

As an early bird offer, we’re offering 3 powerful bonuses along with the Meta Edge Video Course:

The Diamond Product Reveal

We’ll reveal one of our own drop-shipping winning products to you. Feel free to sell it for your own business. This is the same product that did over 60 Lakhs in sales for one of our drop-shipping stores in 30 days!

Ad Dashboard Breakdown

We’ll log in to our ad account, share our screen and show you how we ran ads for this particular product. Starting from day 0 to day 30.

Scaling Case Study

We’ll demonstrate how we scaled one of our campaigns from zero to over 60 Lakhs in sales!

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the curriculum

Wondering what you’ll learn in the program?

Here you go:
How to set up your Meta Business Manager and Ad Account
How to create Meta Campaigns with the right budgets
How to create/ideate ad copies and ad creatives for your Meta Campaigns
How and when to stop your campaigns if they don’t perform
How and when to scale your Meta campaigns
How to ensure that your Account doesn’t get banned by Meta
how it has helped others like you
Tauseef Sheikh started and scaled his lean eCommerce business to ₹7 Crores in 1 year using the power of Meta Ads
Giovanni scaled his business to ₹15Crore/year using Meta Ad systems
Priyank started and scaled his lean eCommerce business to ₹7 Crores in 1 year using Meta ads
the concerns

Your questions answered

What exactly do I get after I pay?

You will get lifetime access to the Meta Edge video Course along with the 3 bonuses mentioned above.

What happens after I pay?

You will receive an email invite from our program hosting platform called Teachable. Follow the email, create your Teachable account and you’ll have access to the Meta Edge Course.

If you face any hiccups in getting access to the course after paying, just email us at [email protected]. We’ll sort it out for you in 24 hours.

How will I get support?

It’s impossible for us to give 101 support to 1000s of members. Meta Edge is a self-paced and self-learning video course. The course will cover everything you need to succeed with Facebook ads.

Will you teach drop-shipping in this program?

No. Meta Edge will only teach you how to run Meta Ads for e-commerce businesses.

What language will the program be in?

It’s in simple English.

What if I’m not able to pay using the payment methods mentioned?

We got you covered. Send us an email at [email protected] and we’ll share alternatives with you.

Good news: Meta Edge has been created to help you run powerful Meta Ads from scratch!
And we teach you all through the basics of how Meta Ads work, to show you how to create a campaign, to showing you how to stop/scale them, to write ad copies, to create ad creatives to pretty much everything else you need to run Meta Ads.
Bad News: There is no bad news at all lol. We got you covered.

Is this a live course?

No, you’ll get access to a pre-recorded course.

Do I get lifetime access to the course?

Yes, you get lifetime access to the course and all the future updates to it.

How is Ecom Edge Accelerator different from Meta Edge?

Meta Edge is a video course that teaches you how to run powerful Meta ads for your e-commerce business. It’s a self-learning and self-paced video course. Ecom Edge Accelerator is a group mentorship program that teaches you how to build lean Indian eCommerce businesses using drop-shipping. It comes along with 3 months of weekly group Q&A calls and lifetime access to the members-only community.

Does the course come with email or call support?

No, the course is designed to be self-guided and self-paced. With 1000s students in our courses, we cannot provide 1:1 support via email or calls.

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