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Check the recent results other Ecom Edge Accelerator Students are getting:

Nevaan Kiran crosses ₹1 Crore inrevenue in 45 days
Dhawan crosses ₹2.4L/day in rev
Nick P made a profit of ₹3.5L in 3 weeks
Dhan Boro crosses ₹5.5*L in profit
Gaurav Kumar does ₹38L in sales in a month
Ved hits ₹1.1 L/day in revenue
Joe Kurian crosses ₹60k/day in sales
Sahil Banga crosses ₹50K/day in testing revenue
Vimal Sabnani crosses first ₹50K/day
Aamir crosses ₹45k/day in revenue
Manish Gakare crosses ₹41k/day in revenue
Mubarak does ₹12.5L of revenue in a month
Gajendra Singh hits ₹28k/day on day 1
Liyansh Sinha's first ₹20k/day hits different
Archit Kaman spent 8700 to generate ₹1.2L in sales
Aditya Malik crosses his first lakh in sales

Results our programs have generated:

Students who have done more than Rs. 15 Lakhs in sales:

Anmol Gupta has done over 40 Lakhs in sales with his eCommerce brand
Garvit Arora has done over 80 Lakhs in sales with his eCommerce brand
Karan Kawlanick scaled to 30 Lakhs/mon with his eCom brand
Sapna Johar crossed 25 Lakhs in sales with her brand within 3 months
Rajendra Babu did 15 Lakhs in sales in 2 months with his eCom brand
Payal Jashnani scaled to 13 Lakhs/mon in sales with her eCom brand
Sunny Khedkar crossed 12 Lakhs in sales with his ecom brand in less than 3 months
Chaitanya K S scaled to 15 Lakhs in sales in less than 3 months
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